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Tuition and Fees Survey
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Survey conducted in Spring (annually)

Please complete survey by Friday May 1, 2020.

This survey is only for UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT TUITION AND FEES. If your institution serves graduate students only, you do not need to fill out this survey. Please do not use the dollar ($) or percentage (%) signs when entering values in the fields below. Annual tuition charges are based on 15 credit hours a semester, two semesters per year. For annual room & board charges, please use a typical entry-level price to eat and live on campus such as double-occupancy and 15 meal plan per semester, and assume two semesters per year.
Tuition charges per semester are based on 15 credit hours per semester. If an institution’s tuition per semester is based on another set of credit hours, please note this in the “comments” section of this survey.