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Executive Leadership Institute
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The TICUA Executive Leadership Institute is an innovative leadership development program for those senior campus leaders who seek to strengthen their current and future roles within their institution and who may be considering a college or university presidency. The Institute not only strives to provide the leadership knowledge and skills necessary to prepare senior campus officials for the presidency but more importantly, is designed to strengthen the local campus’ leadership team.


The TICUA Executive Leadership Institute provides next generation leaders with the opportunity to:

  • Enhance professional leadership knowledge and skills in the specific context of private higher education.
  • Develop knowledge and skills needed to respond to uncertainty.
  • Prepare for the unique opportunities and challenges facing the leadership of private higher education institutions.
  • Learn from sitting TICUA member presidents (Residential Deans) and from national, regional and local content experts (Content Faculty).
  • Explore and learn about the unique aspects of host member campuses.
  • Explore solutions to campus-specific questions, problems, issues, or challenges corresponding to each of the session content areas.


The TICUA Executive Leadership Institute compels next generation leaders to assess their current leadership style to determine areas of potential growth, to enhance their professional persona, and bolster their passion for private higher education. The Institute challenges Pressnell Fellows to augment their skills through the lens of their institution’s mission, value, and vision in the following areas:

  • Advocacy
  • Communications
  • Conflict management & resolution
  • Culturally adaptable & respectful of differences
  • Ethical influence & power
  • Organizing & planning
  • Efficient & effective problem solving & decision making
  • Relationship building & collaboration
  • Resource Management



The Institute holds monthly sessions, typically on a Tuesday and Wednesday, at select TICUA member campuses with each president of the host institution serving as Residential Dean to the Institute's Pressnell Fellows during the two-day session.  Monthly sessions begin in September with graduation occurring in May. 

Residential Deans provide their personal “presidential story” and also their thoughts and insights about the session topic. Pressnell Fellows are expected to arrive on time, take part in associated activities, and remain until the session ends. Pressnell Fellows are expected to complete pre-session readings and other work assigned to enhance the session learning experience.

Session agendas include:

Day One:

  •  Session topic overview
  • Overview of the host institution
  • Sitting presidents’ perspective
  • Networking reception
  • After dinner group discussions

Day Two

  • Networking breakfast
  • Specific and detailed presentations & discussions about the session topic


TICUA commits to providing an assessment and evaluation framework that will effectively measure the Institute’s comprehensive outcomes and individual session outcomes to not only assure funders, member campuses, and participants of a worthwhile return on their investment but also to assure that the Institute continues to develop and improve.